• 4 Simple and Attainable Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

    by Sky and Sea
    on Dec 29th, 2016

There’s a long list of do’s and don’ts when it when it comes to living a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle, and often the list can become so overwhelming that you need to veg out on the couch with a bag of chips just looking at it! Well, this year as you make your New Year’s resolutions, we have a trick to share with you. One that will leave you feeling confident that this year’s resolutions will stick!

We often think in terms of what we need to subtract from our life in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle, but how about if this time you take a “subtracting by adding” approach?

Here’s how it works:

See the pattern here?

By adding a good habit or two to your daily routine you build up positive actions which naturally lead to a more positive attitude and before you know it you’ve dropped your vices without feeling like you’re giving anything up. But even if you do keep those old “bad” habits, adding a few “good” ones won’t hurt!

Here are 4 simple and attainable healthy New Year’s resolutions to take on in 2017!

1. Start your day off with a glass of water

If you can remember to drink water throughout the day, that’s great! But for those of you who find it hard to remember, we suggest starting your day off with a tall glass of water. Why the morning? On a physical level, the morning in particular is a good time to drink a glass of water because it kicks off your metabolism for the day. After sleeping (ideally for 8 hours) your metabolism slows down to preserve energy and prepare for dealing with dehydration. Once you drink a glass of water your body gets the message that you’re not in danger of dehydration and your metabolism will kick off.

On a psychological level, by starting your day off doing something healthy you set a tone for the day, encouraging your body and mind to continue on a healthy path.

2. Practice a few minutes of mindfulness each day

Practicing mindfulness promotes both mental and physical health. Some of the benefits include stress reduction, increased joyfulness, and improvement of your overall quality of life. It’s also been thought to help improve heart disease and high blood pressure, reduce feelings of depression, alleviate anxiety and associated disorders such as OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) as well as promotes healthy sleep patterns.

Building a strong mind is like building any other muscle in your body, regular exercise is key to achieving your goal. Start my practicing just a few minutes a day and with time you will strengthen your “mindful muscles”.  You can learn more about mindfulness techniques here.

3. Add a ten minute work out to daily routine

People often say the biggest obstacle to working out is finding the time to do it. One of the reasons that this happens is because we feel like we have to clear a big chunk of time out of our schedules in order to get in a good, sweat-inducing workout. But this is not necessarily the case – while 30-60 minute workouts are beneficial, even 10 minute workouts can help you stay fit.

Either wake up ten minutes early each morning and go for a walk, do some muscle building exercises while watching your favorite show or turn the music up and dance for ten minutes when you get home … by the way that last one is a great way to de-stress from a day at the office! Whatever you choose it will help you feel better about yourself and your commitment to your health.

4. Snack on fruits and veggies

When it comes to getting your fill of vitamins and minerals there’s nothing like going to the source. For example, eating an orange offers you more health benefits than popping a vitamin C pill. But don’t eat too many sugary fruits, as even they have a limit. On the other hand, health experts advise eating 5-9 servings of vegetables a day. That’s a lot! Here’s a simple trick to make snacking on veggies a simple task. One every few days cut up some of your favorites – carrot sticks, pepper slices, cucumber rounds, whatever you enjoy. Keep them in the fridge in easy to-go containers and grab one before you leave your house for the day. Once you have them easily at hand, you’ll find yourself munching on these vitamin filled foods adding vital nutrition to your diet, and curbing your appetite for unhealthy snacks.

So, what do you think, are you ready to add these health goals to the coming 2017 year? Here’s to a healthy and happy New Year for all of us at Sky and Sea Spa!

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