• Breaking the Fad Diet Cycle: A Renewed Approach to Weight Loss and Maintenance

    by Sky and Sea
    on Feb 24th, 2017

How do you define success? Technically success is defined as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” Running a 5K, reaching zero emails in your inbox, organizing your closets, making a certain amount of money, losing X amount of pounds… you get the idea. And that feeling once you finally hit your target, AMAZING! But while reaching them is an immediate goal, maintaining them is the ultimate one.  

When it comes to weight loss the downfall is usually connected to the way you got there. Whether it be because cooking meals everyone could enjoy and dining out was next to impossible, or you were tired of calculating every bite you took once you reached your desired weight. The bottom line is that fad diets are faulty and you can’t maintain them over a long period of time!

At Sky and Sea Spa we provide a medical weight loss program that teaches you how to have a healthy appearance and a healthy attitude to food and to your body. Our program is the cure to the common fad diet. Whether you’ve already reached your goal weight, or you’re looking to shed 5 pounds or 50 pounds, we will create a personalized program for you that will curb cravings, boost your metabolism and help you reach your goal.

How do we do it? There are five components to our proven medical weight loss and wellness program.

  1. We help you set personal goals. In fashion and weight loss, there really is no such thing as one size fits all. Whether you’re looking to trim down a dress size or lose 100 pounds, we will create a personalized program that fits your goals and works with your lifestyle so that it really works.
  2. We take a medical approach. Every client starts off with a full medical evaluation. Analyzing your age, weight, blood work, medical history and body mass index, we will prescribe medications and supplements proven to reduce cravings, boost metabolism and curb anxiety eating.
  3. We emphasize real food and nutrition. When you’re limited to meat or soup, it’s tough to enjoy meals with family and friends. Our program creates individualized meal plans based on real foods and tailored to work with your lifestyle. If you do need a meal on the go, we offer nutritional products that enhance your program.
  4. We help you find and achieve YOUR fitness goals. Some people are marathoners. Others are mall walkers. Either way, we’ll work with your preferences to develop an exercise routine that works with your schedule and fitness level. The truth is, if you burn more calories than you consume, you’ll lose weight.
  5. We focus on maintenance. Once you reach your target weight, our teams will help you implement an individualized maintenance program designed to prevent the yo-yo effect typical of fad diets.

It’s time to say goodbye to short term, fad diets.

Goodbye caveman diet!
Goodbye soup diet!
Goodbye “fit points”!

Hello long term success!

Author Sky and Sea

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