• Holiday Spa Gift Ideas

    by Sky and Sea
    on Dec 15th, 2016

Mother, brother, sister, wife, husband, daughter or friend… we all have someone in our life who prefers a day of relaxation over a just about any “thing”.  For those people your holiday gift go-to is simple: a luxury spa treatment. The not so simple part is picking the treatment!

Different types of spa treatments  offer  different types of experiences. Should you get the facial which will leave her feeling youthful and glowing, or a massage that will float him away to cloud nine…. or maybe a pampering manicure or pedicure? Maybe just get them all!

OK, maybe not… leave something for mother’s day and birthdays.

Where happy to help you narrow down the options with some of our fan favorites here at Sky and Sea Spa!

For the person in your life who loves the full body experience of luxury we recommend a massage.  Both our Deep Sea Therapeutic Massage and our Sea of Tranquility Massage are fan favorites!

The Sea of Tranquility massage is our take on the well-known Swedish massage, while the deep sea massage is our take on the classic deep tissue massage and will leave you feeling perfectly undone, a great way to melt away any residual holiday stress!

For a soon to be mom try one of our special prenatal treatments.  Our “You´ve-Got-That-Glow Facial” is a gentle facial for sensitive pregnancy skin. Calming and soothing, this facial addresses the skin changes caused by hormonal fluctuations.

We also offer a Pregnancy Massage. Both soothing and therapeutic, this specialized massage may be enjoyed after the first trimester. Special cushions are used to support the mother-to-be and allow for proper alignment during the massage.

For him, we offer a specialized Facial for Men a “mancial” if you will. It’s specifically designed for men to take all the dirt, sweat and grime off from a long day’s work. It includes cleansing, extractions, scalp massage, finishing mask and of course, relaxation. Something anyone can use after the holiday season is over!

Call to purchase the perfect gift card for your loved one today. 

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