• Mini Self-massage: The Trick to Destressing During the Holiday Season

    by Sky and Sea
    on Nov 18th, 2016

Wish you knew a trick for de-stressing… while dressing your Thanksgiving turkey? Though we all love it when we finally get to the table on Thanksgiving, the prep can do a number on your stress levels. Not to mention your back, shoulders, feet, head, (insert anything else that ails you here__________).

Ah, if only you had a hand or two to rub your achy back while you’re busy with all the holiday prep! Well, we’ve got a secret for you, YOU DO. Yes, we know you were thinking of someone else’s hands (preferably a trained expert masseuse) but until you can get back to the spa, a mini self-massage will do the trick.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be an expert to help yourself out with a mini-massage every once in a while, so here are some tips for tackling the tension on your own.

Mini self-massage techniques:

For your head: Place your fingertips on your temples and draw small circles, increase the size and pressure as you move towards your scalp.

For your neck and shoulders: Warm up the area by vertically stroking your neck. Once the area is warmed up, hold your hands in a fist, and place your knuckles slightly below and behind your ears with the fingertips of your thumbs making deep circular pressure starting at the base of your scull and working down to your shoulders. Be careful not to apply pressure to your spine!

For your feet: While seated, take a regular tennis ball or a spiked sensory ball and place it firmly under the arch of your foot. Roll it back and forth from heel to toe – applying pressure as needed. If there is a particular spot that feels painful or tender you can relax the pressure slightly and roll the ball in small circles to work out those knots.

Take a quick break between work, holiday prep, running errands and checking off your never ending to-do list and try these simple self-massage techniques to relieve some pressure. Your body, mind and spirit will be happy you did!

Once the holidays are over, book an appointment at your local day spa for the full effect!

DISCLAIMER:  If you are ill, experiencing pain (not just tension pain), or have a knot which does not get released, do not perform massage. Consult your health care provider for assessment.      

Author Sky and Sea

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