• Our Top 10 Spa Blog Posts From 2016

    by Sky and Sea
    on Dec 22nd, 2016

As we round up the year we look back at some of our top blog posts for the year before. These top 10 spa blog posts offer spa insight, inspiration and hopefully a bit joy to you, our loyal readers.

Happy holidays and a happy New Year from all of us at Sky and Sea Spa!

1. Mini Self-massage: The Trick to Destressing During the Holiday Season

Wish you knew a trick for de-stressing? Ah, if only you had a hand or two to rub your achy back while you’re busy with all the holiday prep! Well, we’ve got a secret for you, YOU DO. Yes, we know you were thinking of someone else’s hands (preferably a trained expert masseuse) but until you can get back to the spa, a mini self-massage will do the trick.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be an expert to help yourself out with a mini-massage every once in a while, so here are some tips for tackling the tension on your own

2. The ROI of Spa Treatments

Everyone can use a pick-me-up, a perk in the day, or a jolt of re-energizing to pepper the week. Life can be monotonous, overburdening, or just plain stressful and we need little activities here and again to break up the routine and revive us. Examples of common pick-me-ups are exercise, entertainment (live or recorded), meditation, psychotherapy, a glass of red wine or a beer, or just meeting a friend for coffee.

And then there’s the spa. Just the word “spa”, whose vowel sound seems to be elongated such that it’s pronounced “spaaaaaa,”  – imbibes its very essence: Calm. Restoration. Relief. Time off. A mini-vacation!

3. Prenatal Massage: Do’s and Don’ts

Your shoulders are tight, your lower back is achy, your hips are tense, your legs are heavy, and all you long for is release from it all. This can happen on a regular basis, and when you’re pregnant, every feeling seems multiplied. Somewhere in the back of your mind you recall seeing an ad for prenatal massage, and boy does that sound dreamy. So, you crowdsource your local friends on social media to ask for prenatal massage practitioner recommendations, and a few come through. You check out their websites, but aren’t sure how you can know if they provide safe prenatal massages. You wonder what to look out for.

Here are tips about what’s okay with prenatal massage, and what’s not.

4. Why Letting Go Works

When Disney’s animated film “Frozen,” came out over two years ago, children and adults alike couldn’t get enough of its theme song, “Let It Go.” And it wasn’t just the catchy tune. The reason the words “let it go” ring true for so many is that people are attracted to the idea.

Letting go is a first step towards keeping our emotional and mental well-being in balance.  It is key to stress reduction. If we hold everything under our wings, we risk filling up with angst and anxiety, if not rage and even full-on depression.

5. 4 Magical Factors of Facials

We already know facials are great for your face. They nourish, cleanse, hydrate, and exfoliate your skin leaving you looking revived and refreshed. But did you know the benefits are beyond skin deep? It’s true, just as massages offer both physical and emotional benefits, so do facials.

There are four aspects to a facial that impact your body, from head to toe… literally! Let’s break them down so that we can understand what these 4 magical factors of facials do for you.

6. Wax On, Wax Off: How to Make Hair Removal More Pleasant

While you might get your car washed and waxed once a month, there’s another (very different) type of waxing you might also get monthly: hair removal. Be it legs, above the lip, underarm, or the bikini area, waxing is routine for many Miami women, especially since we get so much skin exposure what with hotter weather, and beaches all along our city’s western and southern borders.

But unlike cars, we actually feel the “wax off,” aspect – and it’s not something we enjoy.  While it may never be “enjoyable” hair-removal waxing can be made more pleasant by using natural products whose properties are healing for the skin

7. Bikini, Be Kind: Must I Have the Perfect Body?

Almost nothing beckons our body-image craze than the idea of putting on a bikini. And while only a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the population are models, and even they get Photoshopped, we end up expecting this unrealistic perfection of our own bodies.

It is okay to want to be thin, it is okay to want to have post-diet flab removed, once and for all, and it is okay to want our bodies to look toned. The caveat: That we do it for ourselves and that we do it in a healthy way.

8. Mindfulness: Why and How to do it

They say life is not about avoiding the highs and lows, but learning how you ride the waves. We know, easier said than done! Sometimes it can feel like you’re caught in an undertow: between the day to day logistics, anxiety, pressure and stress it can feel like you’re barely able to keep your head above water!

So, what’s this magic trick to succeed in this rollercoaster called life? Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is essentially learning to be in the present moment, no matter how trying that moment may be. And here’s why and how to channel this valuable life tool.

9. How Reading Relaxes Us – for Real

Nowadays, our reading is largely over the internet. We’ve switched from winding down with a good book to zoning out online – Googling any and every topic of interest, “hanging out” reading our friends’ social media posts, or perusing our favorite websites. But our eyes, minds, and even bodies long for the relaxation of a good read. Here’s why reading real books or articles relaxes us.


10. 5 Tips to Add Extra Kindness to Your Thanksgiving Gathering

Thanks·giv·ing: an expression of gratitude.

While the tips we offer on this blog are geared towards Thanksgiving gatherings, they are a great way to add a bit of kindness to any social gathering  year-round.  Try one (or all) of these tips to add a bit more joy, love and kindness to your life and the lives of those around you!

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