• Revlite®, The Tattoo Removal Solution

    by Sky and Sea
    on Feb 10th, 2017

Getting “inked” is on the rise, which means tattoo regret is too. While most Americans claim to be happy with their tattoos there is still about a fourth of tattooed Americans who say they regret their tattoo choices. In a 2016 survey 23% of Americans admitted to regretting their tattoo choice – only 4 years ago that number was 14%.

Among the top reasons for tattoo remorse was having a poorly done tattoo (have you seen the outrageous bad tattoos segments on The Ellen Show?). Yes, it really can be that bad!

This is why it’s important not only the “think before you ink” but to research where you go for a tattoo. Make sure it’s a reputable place that uses clean needles and safe ink. But bad art work isn’t the only reason many suffer tattoo remorse. Other reasons include getting it when you were too young, the meaning of it has changed for you, your lifestyle and personality no longer fit it and so on.

The good news is that permanent ink isn’t so permanent after all. In the past there were methods to remove tattoos, but the pain and risk factors often outweighed living with a bad tattoo.

A few common techniques included:

Sounds pretty bad, huh?

Luckily, now with the latest in laser technology the tattoo removal debate has a change in balancing both the risks and pain factors. At Sky and Sea Spa we offer a safe and fast solution for unwanted ink with Revlite® laser treatments.

Here’s how Revlite® works:

The Revlite laser emits rapid, short pulses of energy which limits your skin’s exposure to heat. This makes the treatments for tattoo removal safe and fast. The outcome on the tattoo ink is vibration, which shatters the target molecules. Most tattoos will require multiple sessions before they’re fully removed-the amount of sessions or treatments will depend on how large your tattoo is, what sort of ink has been used and the length of time between your sessions.

If you’re considering laser tattoo removal make an appointment and talk with one of our technicians about whether or not Revlite® laser treatment is the right solution for you!

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