• Tips for Beating the Post-Holiday Blues

    by Sky and Sea
    on Jan 6th, 2017

Fresh new year = refreshed and renewed energy, right? Unfortunately that’s not always the case. In fact in most cases there’s a crash period after the holidays and New Year celebrations.

But wouldn’t it make sense to be on a refreshed “high” the first week of January? You took time off of work and spent it with loved ones, gave and received beautiful gifts, ate delicious food… maybe even went on a holiday vacation. That said, you might find yourself asking “Shouldn’t I be feeling great? What’s wrong with me? How can I get out of this funk???”

Well, here’s the first step, stop “should-ing” yourself.  In fact what you are feeling is a common phenomenon called the “Post-Holiday Blues”. After so much excitement, with all the celebrations, decorations and high spirits leading up to New Year’s, and then…well, nothing. January back to the regular daily grind.

So what can you do to combat this “now what?” sensation? Counter it with a few post-holiday pick-me-ups. Engaging in exciting, warming activities throughout the year will help you beat the post-holiday crash.

Schedule a mini-vacation.

Call someone you love being around and set up a mini vacation date. Plan a weekend away at a location you’ve always wanted to explore, or if that’s not an options plan a day out on the town with a friend/spouse/partner or a group.  Try pretending to be a tourist for the day, check out listings for fun tourist ideas in your area and then go out and enjoy them!

Bring what you love about the holidays into your everyday life.

When you find yourself fantasizing about the good times, it helps to harness them, tangibly, by writing them down. So, write a list of whatever comes to mind that you enjoyed about the holidays.  Number them from most favorite to least favorite – then figure out how you can integrate at least some of your most-favorite items into everyday life.

For example, while you won’t have that Xmas tree or Hanukah menorah up year-round, you can implement other emotionally-warming rituals into your everyday routine. Brainstorm, choose a few ideas, and make them happen.

Give yourself a gift. 

Gift-giving isn’t just for the holidays and birthdays!  You can give yourself a gift anytime – e.g. a spa treatment, a new pair of shoes, a meal at your favorite restaurant… whatever it is that makes you feel special. By giving yourself a gift, you’re acknowledging your own self-worth, which is a great thing to acknowledge year round!

Get back into your regular exercise routine.

The holiday season usually lacks a regular exercise routine and is often coupled with high-sugar foods. This can physically lead people to feel depressed because they are not experiencing the natural highs from exercise and they also crash from sugar-high to sugar-low. While we don’t recommend a totally sugar-free diet with an hour of daily aerobic exercise for everyone, we do recommend that sugar be kept to a minimum, and that you break a sweat at least a few times a week. These lifestyle habits will stave off depression for many people.

We wish you a Happy and Healthy 2017!

Author Sky and Sea

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