• Why Summertime is the Perfect Time for a Spacation!

    by Sky and Sea
    on Jun 27th, 2017

Remember when summertime meant party time? School was out, the days were wonderfully long and the weather was perfect for pool-side BBQs and chilling out on the beach. Yeah… we vaguely remember that too…

Now summer is just like any other season of the year, except the days never seem to end and the weather is stifling, making your long list of errands feel even longer. And guess what?  The bills and responsibilities don’t take a break just because school is out! Yet our bodies still need a bit of downtime to relax and rejuvenate, in fact, they need that now more than ever!

So, what’s the solution for those of us that have gone from summer vacationing to summer adulting? A spacation, of course!

Whether you want to drift away in a sea of tranquility with a full body massage or focus on your skin with a revitalizing facial, we have relaxing treatments available to help you forget about your never ending “to-do” list … even if only for an hour.

Massage treatments have been proven to activate neurotransmitters, resulting in decreased anxiety levels and lower stress hormone levels. Even the quickest and simplest forms of massage therapy yield astounding results including stress reductions, physical pain and tension, relief of  headaches, fatigue and insomnia. So take an hour (or even two) and book yourself a classic or customized massage.

Facial treatments nourish, cleanse, hydrate, and exfoliate your skin leaving you looking revived and refreshed. But, did you know the benefits are beyond skin deep? It’s true, just as massages offer both physical and emotional benefits, so do facials. Whether you’re looking to get to the root of an acne issue or merely enjoy the pampering and relaxation, talk to the spa’s aesthetician to find the facial treatment that is right for you.

Day spa treatments are perfect for those who are short on time! These luxury treatments take only as long as your lunch break, with results that last all day!  

Author Sky and Sea

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