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Age, a decline in hormone production, prostate cancer, and other factors can result in decreased sexual desire and performance for both men and women. The O-Shot®, designed for women, and the P-Shot®, intended for men, can boost sexual desire, pleasure, and function using your very own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), making it safe and highly effective. The providers at Sky and Sea Spa in Miami and Key Largo, Florida, administer the O-Shot and P-Shot with confidentiality and understanding.

O-Shot & P-Shot Q & A

What can I expect?

For women, a topical numbing agent is applied, and then the O-Shot is injected near the clitoris as well as into the anterior portion of the vagina. These locations are optimal since they house structures responsible for the orgasm.

For men, the P-Shot is injected into the shaft of the penis after a topical anesthetic has been used to numb the area.

What are the results of the P-Shot?

The P-Shot produces a noticeable increase in penis length and girth (penis size), increased straightening and strengthening during erection, improved circulation, better pleasure and sensation, and even enhancement of ED medications like Viagra.

What are the results of the O-Shot?

After receiving the O-Shot, women experience an improvement in sex drive, arousal, natural lubrication, stimulation, strength, and frequency of orgasm, and urinary control. Also, women who were experiencing painful sex often notice decreased pain as a result of receiving the O-Shot.

How long do the results last?

Results can last up to three years in women and two years in men, making both injections cost-effective and well worth your time.

What difference in length and girth can men expect following the P-Shot?

Most men experience an estimated 10-20% increase in both girth and length. Some men choose to receive a second injection just a few months after the first, to achieve even more pronounced results.

Are the injections safe?

Yes: Because the injections consist of your platelet rich plasma, it’s highly unlikely that you would experience an allergy, adverse reaction, or even any infection.

Will I experience pain during the O-Shot or P-Shot?

The professionals at Sky and Sea Spa use a topical anesthetic before administering the injection. Some patients describe the procedure as very tolerable while others describe it as slightly uncomfortable.

Is this treatment confidential?

All of the treatments administered at Sky and Sea Spa are highly confidential. You can rest assured that our receptionist will not announce your scheduled services during your check-in procedure, and complete confidentiality will be provided before, during, and after your visit.


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    "I felt like my body was just melting away. The atmosphere is very relaxing and quiet. You won't regret it!"

    Claudia O.
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    "They're always punctual and extremely professional, the products are great and I always leave with my face feeling fresh and clean."

    Edgla S.
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    "The moment you get in you immediately get excellent services and attention from the staff. The place is very peaceful and relaxing, beyond my expectations."

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    "I can't say enough good things about this place. From the receptionist to the people who lay their hands on you to the decor, the overall experience is fabulous."

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    "The ambiance of the entire place is very calm and peaceful as well as very nicely decorated. I will definitely be coming back here. Its accessible and affordable!

    Jacky G.
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    "Thanks Sky & Sea Spa, you're exactly what I need for a quick escape from my busy every day life!"

    Rebecca A.
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    "I was so impressed with the spa. The products were amazing! I was so relaxed during the facial and the facialist, Ester was awesome. "

    Erika C.
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