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Skinny Shot

Skinny Shot

Skinny Shot

The Skinny Shot” is a combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are necessary nutrients for our bodies. When taken in this combination AND in conjunction with exercise and calorie reduction, many people report an increase in their energy levels.

What is a Skinny Shot? The Skinny shot is a special formula of liver supporting nutrients that can help with energy, fat metabolism, and hormone balance, which are all key liver functions.

How many do you recommend? One injection weekly for 6 weeks is the usual recommendation, combined with a weight loss program that includes a healthy diet and exercise program to see best results.

How will it help me? Often people feel increased energy immediately after the shot; sometimes they just feel better over time. It is a stress fighter and supports key functions of the liver that sometimes require large amounts of nutrients and can be severely depleted after years of stress and diet faults.

What is in the Skinny Shot? It is filled with a liquid version of liver specific nutrients and vitamins. Including, B-12, methionine, choline, and inisitol.

Are they natural ingredients? We source our ingredients from the most natural sources possible and are extremely conscientious of quality ingredients. Yes, they are natural ingredients of the highest quality.


$25 per injection

$125 for a package of 6 injections (save $25)