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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal in Miami

Say Goodbye To Tattoo Regret with Revlite™

Tired of looking at a previous lover's name on your body or wish that old tattoo from your teen years could be removed? Sky and Sea Spa offers Revlite™, the Gold Standard in Tattoo Removal Technology.

The Revlite™ is an FDA approved tattoo removal device safe for skin types I through VI, allowing it to successfully treat all skin tones. The Revlite tattoo removal system is recognized as the gold standard, nanosecond aesthetic laser and tool of choice for highly effective tattoo removal. With multiple, clinically proven wavelengths to effectively treat full color spectrum ink colors on all skin types, the Revlite is the tattoo removal choice for superb results.

Sky and Sea Spa Medical Director Dr. Randy Fink speaks highly of patient satisfaction and results, "Our Revlite can remove tattoos of all colors and is able to treat patients quickly and safely, with little risk of the side effects caused by other tattoo removal systems.” The technology works by delivering a unique combination of laser energies to the skin, which are absorbed by tattoo ink, skin pigments and collagen. Supplying the tissue with Cynosure’s patented PhotoAcoustic Technology, pulsed energy results in the breakdown and removal of the tattoo ink and pigment, and tightening of the tissue.

Here are before and after pictures of Revlite tattoo removal results: